Picture of Dried Herbs
September 8, 2021

Herbs For Every Flavor, Every Need

By CJees

Adding flavor to your dishes with herbs is an easy way to be creative in the kitchen. Dried herbs are often easier to use than fresh, but they have different tastes and smells that you may not know about! This blog post will explore some of the most popular dried herbs and their flavors so you can match them up with whatever dish you’re cooking.

Popular Dried Herbs

There are many herbs that are a staple of the kitchen and can be used in a variety of dishes. The most popular dried herbs include:


This herb is spicy with hints of mint, thyme, marjoram, basil, rosemary or sage. It’s often used to flavor tomato sauces! When using oregano you might want to add it near the end so that its flavors don’t fade away while cooking.


Fresh basil tastes more green than sweet but when dried it takes on a sweeter taste without losing some of its herbal quality. Add this herb near the beginning for maximum effect due to how quickly it loses flavor after being cooked/fried/etc!


A strong pine with a awesome taste of lemon, rosemary is great with poultry. This herb can be added early on to the dish or even used as a garnish after it’s done cooking!


This isn’t your average dried herb but looks like oregano and has an amazing taste of citrusy lime! Cilantro works best when sprinkled onto dishes at the end for maximum effect. It also tastes great in salsas, salads, burritos/tacos and many other Mexican inspired foods! Sage

Sage often gets overlooked because its not seen as exciting as some herbs are but this stuff will take any meat you cook up to another level. Use sage with caution though since too much saltiness might overpower.

Benefits of Dried Herbs

There are many benefits of dried herbs that you might not know about! Not only do they pack more flavor but are also easier on the wallet. Dried herbs are stronger than fresh so you don’t need to use as much which means your dish will have a longer shelf life in the fridge!

In addition to increasing the shelf life of your food, dried herbs can also make the process of cooking easier. Since you don’t need to spend time chopping and dicing up pieces of fresh vegetables or fruit for a recipe, you’ll reduce the prep time significantly!

Benefits like these are why many chefs prefer using dried herbs in their dishes instead. This is not something that should be overlooked by home cooks either since this will save them plenty of time as well! Herbs can also promote wellness so by having dried herbs you can gain many benefits.

How To Store Dried Herbs

First, you should always check the expiration date of dried herbs before storing them. Dried Herbs can also be stored in a container which is airtight and refrigerator for up to six months. you will have more control over how much thyme, oregano or basil that you want to put into a dish if they are dried as opposed from fresh.

In addition many chefs prefer using dried herbs because it saves them time chopping vegetables and fruit during preparation! This means your finished product will taste better since there was less prep work involved so try adding some dried herbs instead next time you cook! You’ll save yourself heaps of time while still creating an amazing meal!


Dried herbs are being used more prevalently in our modern kitchens. It is important to choose the right herbs for your daily use. If you want to keep them for long then you need to preserve them properly so they last longer. Dried herbs increases overall wellness and you can grab the best one from Terry’s Natural Market.