January 9, 2021

METAL JEWEL COLLARS- Masonic Regalia Supplies

By CJees

In 1862, the Illustrious Grand Master Hierophant united our Antient and Primitive Rite with the Grand Orient of France, and the High Grades continued to be conferred through the identified Grand Council of Rites of the Grand Orient. A formal Concordat turned into promulgated by using the stated Grand Orient, and the Ill. Grand Hierophant, J.E. Marconis, 33-97°, which organized the relative values of the 33 main degrees of our Rite with those of the Ancient and Accepted, Mizraim, and other Rites recognized with the aid of the said Grand Council of Rites; also giving energy to the 33 fundamental tiers to confer the minor ones.
Upon this, inside the yr 1862, the Illustrious Grand Hierophant J.E. Marconis, 33-97°, performing in concert with Marshal Magnan, 30°, the Grand Master of the Grand Orient, frmally constituted the Sovereign Sanctuary of America, 33-95°. Shortly after the degrees of the Rite were, nominally and briefly, decreased from ninety five to 33 ceremonies by omitting the relaxation of these conferred simplest by call. The Grand Orient of France persevered to alternate Representatives with the Sov. Sanc. Of America, and lists thereof might be found within the French Official Calendar, till 1869, when, in outcome of the invasion of the American territory by the popularity of sure spurious Lodges of the Scottish Rite, the Americans withdrew from illustration.
France then deserted the Rite, and the Ill. Gd. Hierophant, J.E. Marconis, 33-97°, having died in 1868, Egypt took full possession. The Craft Gd. Lodge, our Antient and Primitive Rite, and the Antient and Accepted Rite, completed a Tripartite Treaty to render mutual resource, and restored the Sov. Gd. Mystic Temple–Imp.Council Gen., 96°, presided over through a Gd. Hierophant, ninety seven°.
In the year 1872, several Illustrious Brethren who had previously received the 33-ninety five°, acquired a Charter for the established order of a Sovereign Sanctuary in and for Great Britain and Ireland, with Illustrious Brother John Yarker as Grand Master General, 33-ninety six°, and in the same yr received many Brethren, contributors of the Royal Grand Council of Antient Rites, Memphis Misraim, which had followed the Rite of Perfection closing century, and had met below H.R.H. Duke of Sussex, Grand Master; and in 1874 the Jerusalem Chapter of Antiquety, H.R.M.–K.D.S.H., officially amalgamated with the Palatine Chapter, No. 2, and Senate No. 2, of the Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry, accordingly giving the Rite the status of a time immemorial association in the United Kingdom.
One of the earlist resolutions passed by using the new Sovereign Sanctuary was for the status quo of an Order of Merit, of 3 classes, 1st, for Saving Life; 2d, Literary Merit; 3rd General Merit. Besides this, the Rite possesses 5 Decorations; ist, the Grand Star of Sirius, or Wisdom; 2d, the Cross of Alidee, or Truth; 3rd, the Alidee of the Third Series, or Justice; 4th, the Lybic Chain, or Hope; fifth, the Golden Branch of Eleusis, or Charity. These decorations are completely the reward of Merit, and are conferred in a Grand Chancery, one in consecutive order every yr.
At a Sovereign Sanctuary hung on the 20th June, 1885, a Benevolent Fund became established by way of appropriating one-third of all sums paid for Certificates and Charters, in perpetuity, as its basis.
A complete records of the Rite can be obtained from the Grand Secretary General, and is nicely worth perusal. Few could upward thrust from its have a look at with out the conviction that our Rite has a valid Masonic status, 2d to none within the world, and also the some distance better claim to well-known reputation and the zealous help of the Craft Metal Jewel Collars.